How to become a freelance digital marketer for care agencies

Apr 04, 2022

New care agencies and established ones are normally set up by their owner who wants to build a company that serves vulnerable people. On the whole, the owners of care agencies come from a health and care background and will spend a lot of their time supporting their clients and their staff members. Some care agency owners may be internet savvy but a lot of them will not know about marketing their businesses by using online tools and techniques.

It is fair to say that the old ways of marketing companies have now been added to by the rise and in some ways overtaking of the online marketing techniques led by digital marketing and digital publishing.

Social sharing of information is an enormous game changer for companies and people are really excited about it. The use of sharing for business is a must. The big retail companies have led the field in digital marketing; the likes of Google Amazon and Kike, although in the retail sector are using a clear model of digital marketing. So are big hitters, small companies and new to market organisations launched their own digital marketing and publishing strategies. In all sectors, no company wants to be left behind because marketing is important for every single company, without it they cannot exist in the current market. The service industry specifically the health and care sector more and more companies are beginning to wake up to the power and influence of digital publishing as part of their marketing strategy.

As there are thousands of care agencies that do not have a clue about ranking for key words, social marketing strategies etc. this is an ideal time for those that do to support care agencies.

This is where you can help care entrepreneurs through digital publishing and marketing.

Understanding social media marketing and digital publishing is a skill that can be obtained by creating an effective learning and development plan. If you know and enjoy digital marketing you may want to think about how you can approach an owner and offer your services in a way that responds to their needs. We recommend that you think about 3 things which we call AIM.

A - Authority - show your authority through knowledge, credibility, credentials, your skills

I - Improvement - show how your work will improve the agency’s standing by offering some goals, give them some examples of what they can expect from a digital marketing or publishing strategy

M - Monetization - let the agency know what your worth is based on the above


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